About Us

BNC Global is leading company in the filed of cosmetology industry such as fillers, botox, mesolifting threads and medical devices. We have many years of know-how and experience within the aesthetic beauty industry. We are aiming to conquer the world by making it healthier and bring confidence to people by offering top class health care prod ucts. We specialize in providing products of the highest quality and supply all beauty products and also have our own products. Additionally, our staff remains made up of professionals to help assist members of the medical community to buy medical supplies online at wholesale cost.

  • Company: BNC Global
  • CEO: Andrew Parviz
  • Establishment: 6. Nov. 2014
  • Core Business: Manufacturer and wholesaler of cosmetology products such as fillers, botulinums, mesolifting threads and medical devices
  • Address: 320 beon-gil 35, Samsung-ro, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.


BNC is aiming to contribute to the best value for a beautiful and healthy life. BNC exports pharmaceuticals, functional cosmetics and beauty products to all over the world. In a rapidly changing global market, BNC is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing high-quality products through continuous research and development, and to building ongoing partnerships with each customer. In addition, we are striving to become a BNC that can trust and impress our customers based on three management philosophies of "trust, quality and satisfaction".