Hyafilia Classic Plus

Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine is an active acting dermal filler by CHA Meditech, specially formulated to 

help you fight the fine wrinkles.



Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine has a delicate sequential injection mechanism and the lidocaine-rich formula, smooths out your skin painlessly with lasting result. 

What does the box contain? 
Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine (1x1ml) from CHA Meditech 


What are the benefits of Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine?  
 The non-animal hyaluronic acid with biphasic action provides long lasting elasticity, strength and hydration to your skin. Cross-linked BDDE are an effective solution in the fight against fine wrinkles, showing a beneficial effect on normal and deep wrinkles. Lidocaine content turns the dermal filler into a painless and effective rejuvenating tool, with 

quick and visible results. 

“The formula of the dermal filler is a successor to quality and traditions in aesthetic medicine, as it was developed by one of the largest hospitals in Korea – “ the CHA. 
Certification by CE. 
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