Meline Deep Plus


«Deep» products belonging to the product line of fillers «Meline» manufactured by South Korean Company BioStandart have the widest range of application. «Meline Deep» smoothes wrinkles and is often used for volume modeling. The product has been developed for correcting the movable facial parts. It is suitable for intimate plasty. 


Main advantages

Stabilized hyaluronic acid ensures high viscosity and elasticity of gel. 

  1. Has a high safety profile and does not cause complications.
  2. It is easy to inject and diffuse within the dermal layers.
  3. It is fully bio-degradable and is excreted from the body.  
  4. Anesthetic being one of its components makes the procedure painless. 
  5. The result lasts up to 10 months.  


Purpose of product usage

Filler «Meline Deep» is used in contour plastics for correcting medium wrinkles, folds, for adding volume, and for lip contouring. 

It smoothes the following types of wrinkles:

  • Marionette lines;
  • Glabellar;
  • Nasolabial.

It is most often used in the lower third of the face. It is injected into the medium dermal layers. Injections are made with 27G needle. 



Meline Deep is produced in the form of a syringe filled with filler. The gel contains stabilized hyaluronic acid in concentration 20 mg/ml. The package is completed with 2 disposable needles. 

Weight: 60 



BioStandart / South Korea.