Sardenya Shape Plus

Sardenya™,a dermal filler developed by YouthFill Co., the high-purity refined hyaluronic acid filler with no impurities nor side effects,by using non-animal ingredients and also developing/apply-ing unique purifying technique different from other companies. As the filler contains lidocaine as anesthetic, this product reduces pain in case of procedure.


The unique purifying technique of Sardenya™ is a core competitiveness of YouthFill Co., Ltd.


Based on it,YouthFill Co., Ltd is growing into a global biotech company by discovering/extending research technologies in diverse areas including the development of functional filler.


Sardenya™ Shape

Sardenya™ Shape with lidocaine is recommended to be used for the correction of deep depressions of the face via deep dermis to subcutaneous injection.


Sardenya™ its main characteristics

  • is manufactured using a unique purifying technique
  • is of non-animal origin and does not require any skin test prior to use
  • is made of 100% cross-linked hyaluronic acid and is especially stabilized
  • offers an improved visco-elasticity and flow characteristics
  • allows natural-looking and lasting results
  • is a medical device and offered in a set of ready-to-use syringe of cross-linked hyaluronic acid


Sardenya™ for long lasting results


Sardenya™ is a high molecular weight and highly cross-linked product.When it is applied,the degradation process slows down considerably. Because of its precisely adjusted concentration,repeated and short time injections are no longer necessary.


Sardenya™ Treatment


Sardenya™ products contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler and is offered in a set of 1.1mL/2.5mL prefilled sterile disposable syringe and needles (only syringe in case of Sparkle).

The treatment is easy and quick. Extraordinary visco-elasticity and due to use of thin provided needles,the injections are

precise,simple and almost painless,the injections are precise,simple and almost painless,Sardenya™ products,optimal volume effect is easy to obtain,with less quantity to be injected.


Sardenya™ safe and effective product


Sardenya™ is a sterilized medical device.
It is manufactured in Korea and perform to very strict quality controls matching the requirements of Korea and international standards. Sardenya™ is non-animal based,cross-linked Hyaluronic acid using BDDE for cross linking agent.
It is strictly managed by only making not more than a certain number. and no BDDE residue detected.


Sardenya™ is a sterile,pyrogen-free,physiological gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin with the addition of 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride.
The gel is presented in a pre-filled,disposable glass syringe with a volume of 1.1mL or 2.5mL.

Sardenya™ is a colorless,odorless and highly viscous aqueous gel and lidocaine,and provides pain reducing effect during treatment.